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Everything you need to know about BVS Transtech

Why choose Us.

BVS Trans Tech provides transcription service to doctors, lawyers, and insurance professionals based in the USA, UK, and around the world, round the clock, seven days a week. Our capacity exceeds half a million lines of transcription per month. We provide a 24-hour turnaround time with an average accuracy level of 99% (which exceeds The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity guidelines of 98%). We are also geared to carry out Medical Billing service comprising of Coding and Billing for the healthcare industry with our US partners . Our US partner offers local support, management, and integration with the leading EMR providers.

BVS Trans Tech has a proven record of offering the best medical transcription solution over the past many years. We have a team of highly skilled Medical Transcriptionist who use the best infrastructure and equipment available today to offer cost-effective and accurate service to our clients.

Our Mission.

We endeavor to be the best international transcription service available so that our clients can easily and accurately authenticate their facts and events. We shall adapt to changes in trends and technologies in the professions we serve and strive to be the benchmark for "Quality of Service" against which all other transcription companies are measured. We intend to achieve this by exceeding our customers' expectations and providing error-free service on time and economically.

We have an operational in-house production unit with medical, legal, and teleconference transcription facilities. In a very short time, we are already a name known for our quality of work. Aided by some of the best names that this industry can offer, our goal is not to compromise on quality, come what may. Customized programs, personal service, and error-free reports have made BVS Trans Tech a leader in the transcription industry. Get connected to our expertise. Call us today for all your transcription needs.

What we Do.

BVS Trans Tech prides itself on a customer-service-driven record of success. BVS Trans Tech specializes in transcription for medical, legal, insurance and other industries. We have now also entered the field of Medical Coding and Billing for the healthcare industry with our US partners . Our reputation for delivering timely, accurate, responsive, and high-quality service is largely due to our commitment and involvement in all aspects of client service. Our basic business philosophy is that customers’ needs and quality come first.

BVS Trans Tech has been known for the excellence and accuracy of its service. Our HIPAA-compliant medical transcription service have made us one of the best India‑based Medical Transcription Service Providers. Since its inception, BVS Trans Tech has been successfully catering to a plethora of clients based in the United States of America and Canada. We serve not only individual doctors, clinics, and group practices but also other US-based medical transcription companies.

Why Outsource ?

In present day healthcare and legal industry, outsourcing is the most efficient and cost‑effective tool to manage many of the services required for complete medical and legal care. BVS Trans Tech has the experience and expertise to meet the requirements of the industry from the USA, UK, and other countries. Our Transcriptionists, many with more than 10 years of experience, are recruited to handle various areas of specialization. Our clients are served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using state-of-the art digital dictating systems.

Outsourcing the work saves on costly employee benefit packages. By outsourcing work, the same premises can now be converted to support a source of revenue. By Outsourcing Transcription Service to BVS Trans Tech, your work is done by some of the finest professional medical transcriptionists in the business, trained to transcribe dictations of various specialties and varying accents.

BVS Trans Tech believes in constant commitment to quality, technology, and keeping abreast of the changing role of trancriptionists for health information management to assist our clients toward the end goal of patient care and reporting. This commitment is a benefit to our clients, transcriptionists, and our company.

All our employees not only have to sign an entry confidentiality form upon beginning with us but also sign an exit form which further stresses confidentiality and the resulting liability for breaches.

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How can we impact your office?

Just to give you an example - if your office staff records 30 minutes of dictation per day, it is generating 150 minutes or 2.5 hours of dictation per week. It takes an average transcriptionist about 7.5 hours (or an entire working day) to transcribe that work. If this same work were to be outsourced to a professional transcription service provider, the cost would be reduced drastically and a better turnaround time could be achieved without adding to your existing staff. Re-engineering the workflow will significantly reduce the level of stress in your office environment resulting in happier and more productive employees. Additionally, 33% overhead expenses and potential liability issues are eliminated.

Working with BVS Trans Tech helps speed up turnaround time on dictated documents while assuring continued coverage. You will never have to worry about staff vacations, illness, or lack of staff.

The greater the workload the more staff we provide to service your account, meaning the work can be finished and returned to you as routine and in the same time frame.

BVS Trans Tech can help you standardize your work through the efficient use of boilerplate text and customized shortcuts so look to professional transcriptionists for ways to work "smarter" rather than "harder."

Medical Billing & Coding Transcription Service in India and Outsourcing Benefits

Many of our clients have benefited by outsourcing their Medical Billing & Coding Service. In addition to the obvious advantage due to time difference between the US and India, there are a lot of other instrumental factors.
- No clearinghouse setup fee, provider fee, or per claim fee.
- Lowered telephone bills.
- No software investment or upgrades.
- Save time and money spent on training.
- Reduced workload means medical practitioners are free for patient care.
- Improved cash flow.
- Expedited payment.
- Increased accuracy.
- Reduced employee expenses.
- No cash flow interruption due to staff turnover.
- Elimination of nonproductive time.
- No patient calls to your office regarding their bills.
- No hardware or software to purchase or maintain.
- Reduced expense for office supplies (paper, forms, envelopes, HCFAs, etc.)
- Eliminate postage costs for mailing of statements and claims

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CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Ashok Singhania

Employment respond committed meaningful fight against oppression social challenges rural legal aid governance. Meaningful work, implementation, process cooperation, campaign inspire.

Mr. Ashok Singhania in Past worked as Sr. Vice President at Ester Industries, New Delhi, Sr. Vice President at J. K. Synthetics Ltd.

Mr. Ashok Singhania education is Michigan State University, HBTI Kanpur, India

CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Rajat Singhania

Employment respond committed meaningful fight against oppression social challenges rural legal aid governance. Meaningful work, implementation, process cooperation, campaign inspire.

Mr. Rajat Singhania Past Sr. Vice President at Ester Industries, New Delhi, Sr. Vice President at J. K. Synthetics Ltd.

Mr. Rajat Singhania education Michigan State University, HBTI Kanpur, India