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Legal Coding is the process of creating data of keywords or summary from a legal document. It is used to create a fast search index or database of documents for use in litigation. We at BVS Trans Tech are your off shore experts in providing you Legal Coding Services. We help in giving an actual meaning to your legal data by creating a database and then coding and indexing the records. BVS Trans Tech is a comprehensive Legal Coding services provider. Our customized solutions are based on specific requirements of the client. We are a high-end outsourcing company focusing on litigation coding. Our mission is to empower our clients with a winning edge in the growing and highly competitive market, through customized solutions for timely, efficient, easy and accurate data creation. We aid in capturing, conversion, retrieval and creation of data.

We manage the projects with personnel who are trained in Legal Coding and who are familiar with legal terminology and documentation. BVS Trans Tech and our Legal Coding India department combine technology and manpower to provide support to law firms by efficient management and creation of documents and data. We provide optimal combination of premium and high-end quality, with a fast turn around time. At BVS Trans Tech, we can assure you that there are several reasons why we can code your documents more efficiently and timely that you may be able to. We analyze the documents and split and index them logically to makes sure that they correspond to the coding requirements. We ensure they are user friendly, so that attorneys can search them at any given point of time using the search criteria that can be predetermined. This also helps them to generate their own reports for the ongoing litigation and support in the same.

Our coders are quick, top of the line-experienced employees who work, while you sleep, to deliver what is expected out of us, within the time span as required. At BVS Trans Tech Legal Transcription Coding, not only do we have a remarkable staff of experienced coders, but also we continually invest in training them and developing or procuring new software to improve accuracy and productivity. The produced work is then reviewed by our senior quality control staff, after satisfactory checks, we export the coded data to the software of your choice. We support all software packages to meet your needs.

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