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Cheap & Affordable Medical Transcription and Billing Specialist Services.

Are you having problems with:
• Getting timely payments from medical insurance providers
• Loosing valuable professional time in Billing hassles
Medical insurance providers have long been proven, in being difficult in processing medical claims. This can be quite challenging, time consuming and costly for any medical claim billing establishment. We provide Affordable Medical Transcription with quality professional Medical Billing consultant Services which are cost effective, accurate and have high rate of reimbursements. Your medical practice cannot afford to lose potential income due to claims management. Our approach enriches towards trust and secure client relationships. The medical billing transcriptionist industry continually changes and grows, so here at BVS Trans Tech our objectives need to meet your expectations to outsource medical billing transcription.

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Services Offered

The key to BVS Trans Tech’s Medical Billing Service India success includes:
Services Offered

• Medical Transcription
• Electronic and paper claim filing, including secondary/tertiary (within 1 business day of receipt)
• Government, commercial, private billing (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
• Patient eligibility verification
• Dedicated follow-up (within 7 days)
• Claims are scrubbed and submitted virtually error free
• Correction and/or resubmission
• Analysis of CPT coding to insure maximum reimbursement
• Identify areas where reimbursement can be increased
• Claims submitted within 48 hours
• Quick payment turnaround (as little as 9 days)
• Tracking/claims management
• Payment posting
• Managing collections
• Rejected claim resolution and follow-up on claims older than 45 days
• Answer and make insurance calls regarding claims and billing
• Toll-free staff / patient help line
• Patient inquires
• Weekly/monthly customized reports
• Monthly patient statements, soft collections on patient balances
• Electronic storage of all EOB?s on a secured database for easy access
• Staff training
• Custom management reports
• Help answer any questions concerning billing, reimbursement, coverage, LMRP, per legislation or anything pertaining to your type of practice
• Database management
• Analysis and updating of CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS codes
• Full Accounts Receivable (A/R) management & recovery
• Annual fee scale review

Special Services
• Aging accounts
• AR data analysis
• Credentialing
• Custom form creation
• Insurance verification
• Maximum reimbursement with insurance and patient collections

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Why choose BVS Trans Tech as your Affordable Medical Transcription Service and Medical Billing Outsourcing Solutions provider?

• No setup fees after you are with us for a year
• Our electronics Medical Billing solutions can automatically process the follow-up, resubmission, appeal letter and can contact carriers
• Refundable initial deposit immediately after first renewal
• You get paid; we get paid and we save your time and money

We Ensure
•7 day week on time electronic Medical Billing specialist services, personalized service and attention with flexibility
• Coding services and code analysis updates Flexible hour availability
• Staying abreast with the latest challenges and changes, insuring HIPAA compliance
• Tailor services to meet your preferences
• Claims are scrubbed and submitted virtually error free.
• Negotiations for specific individual desired needs and services
• Fee schedule enhancement
• Personalized service/attention with flexibility
• Flexible hour availability

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