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Medical Transcription Service.

Reports let you easily track and analyze your Transcript.

Outsourcing Medical Transcription to BVS Trans Tech has multiple advantages. The entire process is monitored and QA approvals are involved to make sure that the information being transcribed is absolutely correct and follows a standard format. In each transcription, quality and accuracy are maintained and assured through various checks. After QA approval, reports are passed on to a second level quality assurance team for a random check. Once our QA teams give their final approval, the reports are converted in the desired format.

The prime objective of our medical transcriptionists and Internet-based and Offshore Medical Transcription Service is to provide Medical Records with high accuracy, clarity, consistency and turnaround-time by monitoring the entire process at various levels. With a vast experience of more than 10 years, we have always been successful in providing and maintaining the standards of service as set by Medical Transcription Service in America and Europe. We have been pioneers of this industry by providing 98.6% accuracy in our Medical Records and Transcription Service. Apart from accuracy, we also offer the fastest turnaround time.

For any Medical Transcriptionist, it is a prerequisite to attend a professional Medical Transcription Training Program. During the training period, Transcriptionists are trained to maintain accuracy and efficiency to interpret and transcribe data and information for our clients. BVS Trans Tech today proudly stands taller in the market based on the parameters of accuracy and output.

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The key to BVS Trans Tech’s Medical Transcription success includes:

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Timely execution of the job given to us.
- Consistent and required quality level.
- Competitive and cost-effective per line market rates.
- Best in Outsourcing to India
- Employee satisfaction and participation.
- Maximized use of technology
- A virtual 12-hour time zone difference with the US makes it possible for us to meet the turnaround time.
- Cost-effective option due to large number of English-speaking, skilled, computer-literate manpower.
With a vast experience of more than 10 years, we already are a leader in providing Transcription Service . Our objective at BVS Trans Tech is to deliver the job without compromising on quality, come what may.

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